First Edition

Efitrans Efficient Logistics. S.L. logo

Efitrans Efficient Logistics. S.L.

Project which is working in how to implant an integral system of load and unload process Multi-purpose in means of transport through the creation of a positional optimization software of load and development of automotive hardware systems and its own control inside of mean of transport.

Cablerías BB Energy, S.L. logo

Cablerías BB Energy, S.L.

That project is developing an electrical architecture of shaped and optimized power for electric vehicles. They are working in an advanced system of electrical distribution for its application in new traction systems of electrical vehicles.

Eccocar Sharing, S.L. logo

Eccocar Sharing, S.L.

Platform of Car-sharing for hours between particulars with the main target of creating the most efficient mobility system supporting in the scalability of the collaborative economy. They are betting for an own platform where drivers or users can control all rent process even the opening of the car from the cell mobile.

Flythings Technologies, S.L. logo

Flythings Technologies, S.L.

Software platform website that facilitates the implementation on the Internet of Things (IoT) for approaching the acquisition, analysis and exploitation of large volumes of data, as well as the control over installations and processes in heterogeneous fields of application.

Humat Cobotic, S.L.U. logo

Humat Cobotic, S.L.U.

This project is focused on contributing applications for the Industry 4.0, using the collaborative robotics together with other technologies and the additive production of tools and claws for reducing costs in production lines.

Global Productivity Solutions, S.L. logo

Global Productivity Solutions, S.L.

They try to integrate current technology in already existing machines for improving the productivity and efficiency of the process.

Ingeniería y Control Merasys, S.L. logo

Ingeniería y Control Merasys, S.L.

Its technology integrates an advanced sensory for detecting defects in production processes with sustainable and adaptable cost to the environment allowing to the user acts on the best way and as well as to predict defects in the process before they are produced.

Situm Technologies, S.L. logo

Situm Technologies, S.L.

Indoor localization platform that allows the mobile resources management (workers, wheelbarrows, AGV, etc). That system can locate the location of objects inside or outside of the great certain installations or industrial buildings which allows to the managers to know in every moment and administrate its position, movement, etc. Thanks to this, each manager can have useful reports about the uses in the installations.

VMS Automotive, S.L. logo

VMS Automotive, S.L.

That project is currently working in the development of a new concept 100% electrical motorbike with 3 wheels. The motorbike also incorporates a new and novel patented system of damping and balancing whose purpose is to allow a greater stability of the vehicle.