“The BFA initiative has given us the chance to contact with potential customers and key agents of the automotive industry”


Interview with Miguel Pérez, Head of Communication at Situm Technologies, participating project in the first edition of BFA. 

What specifically does your project consist of?

The Situm technology facilitates the management of installations through the precise indoor location of staff and key assets, with real-time monitoring and automatic generation of reports on the use of facilities and control of tasks.

What innovation brings the technology incorporated in the project to the Galician Automotive Sector?

Our system works without the need to install a new hardware in the infrastructure, because of it takes advantage of the information sources already installed in a building, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Our system also works on smartphones, it has currently been enabled for being used in other types of mobile devices, specific for location. 

So we offer a precise indoor location in complex buildings without the need to make investments by installing new hardware, while we facilitate the factory process management, real-time monitoring the key assets (such as the forklifts), controlling the tasks performed according to their location and providing reports on the use of facilities.

What has the Business Factory Auto (BFA) initiative contributed to the development of the project in?

BFA has provided to us a chance to contact in the direct way with potential customers and key agents at the automotive sector. Thanks to this, we have been able to identify the needs of the motor industry that we can help cover. 

In addition we have advanced in the development of our product, together with the future users. All this has contributed to us a new perspective that we would not have got otherwise.

What future expectations does your project-company have after participating in the BFA? 

With the support and experience gained in the BFA, we aspire to provide new solutions that increasingly facilitate the management of industrial facilities to logistics teams, and being part of the commercial solutions portfolio of global partners that allows us to reach other industrial fields.

Has your project-company already generated employment in Galicia?
Yes, it has. We have currently a staff of 18 people, all of them are from Galicia or they are doing their studies at Galician universities and training centres.

“The BFA initiative has given us the chance to contact with potential customers and key agents of the automotive industry”
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