“Work with the BFA team has been a great help for becoming our business project in a real company”


Interview with Cora Vinagre, FlyThings Business Development Manager who participates in the first edition of Business Factory Auto (BFA). 

What specifically does your project consist of?

Our project works in the development of a software for the Industry 4.0 that facilitates the bulk big data collection and its subsequent processing for the remote action or assistance in decision making within an industrial ecosystem. One of the models more important developed until now by FlyThings is an energy efficiency software which allows monitoring, managing and acting on energy parameters in industrial installations. The FlyThings projects is composed of two phases: the first one, consolidation and sells of existing product (energy efficiency); the second is the use of existing automotive product sales to adapt the software to the automotive industry (adding intelligent logistics modules and predictive maintenance) through direct collaboration with our customers.

What innovation brings the technology incorporated in the FlyThings project to the Galician Automotive Sector?

FlyThings facilitates the introduction into the Industry 4.0 through the interconnection in real time of machines, pieces, systems and industrial processes. FlyThing is able to create intelligent management network of factories and installations areas with that multi-platform interconnection and using global standards, helping to better informed decision making in real time.

What has the Business Factory Auto (BFA) initiative contributed to the development of the project?

To work together with the mentors and the BFA accelerator program team has been a great help for becoming our business project in a real company. The training, the advice and the diary support have been the key for the idea of FlyThings has finally become in a reality. We also work every day beside the other project participants in the coworking area and that allows us to be in direct contact with enterprising culture of the automotive industry. Likewise, we would like to stick out that the received financing through BFA program which has given to us a boost we really needed in that launching phase and in that we currently are in. 

What future expectations does your company have after participating in the BFA?

In a short term and with the networking we are making thanks to our BFA participation we hope that FlyThings takes off finally and gets position as a reference software in the Automotive Sector of Galicia and Spain. In a medium term we neither also reject the adaptation of Flythings to other industries and industrial processes outside the automotive sector. We can say that FlyThings is a very powerful tool, in a medium and large term we hope to be or become in a reference not only at the national level, but also at the international level. 

Has already your company generated employment in Galicia?

Yes, it has. FlyThings has hired two people since the beginning of acceleration program in January. We plan to hire two more workers in a short term for adapting the software to the automotive sector.

“Work with the BFA team has been a great help for becoming our business project in a real company”
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