"With our business project we seek to expand the business to the area of collaborative robotics"


Interview with Óscar Rodríguez, Project Manager of Humat Cobotic, participant in the first Acceleration Phase of the Business Factory Auto initiative (BFA).

Humat is a spin-out of the company Ledisson Automation, member of the Cluster. What role does Humat play for its mother company Ledisson? 

Ledisson, through the Humat project, seeks to expand the business to the area of collaborative robotics. 

This spin-out of Ledisson will analyze and develop solutions for the automation of traditional production processes, which can be incorporated into the new industrial revolution of Industry 4.0. The use of cobots in the production process, or in production chains in the automotive sector, will allow, in many cases, to replace manual participation or human action of repetitive processes, something that until now had not been possible in its totality.

What specifically does your project consist of? 

Our business project consists of consulting clients in the area of collaborative robotics for the development and integration of cobotic solutions in their production and assembly chains.

What is the current employment of Humat? Already generating employment in Galicia?

Humat's current staff is made up of two people. As we are starting, at the moment, the project has not been able to generate more employment.

What problem solves or what innovation brings the technology incorporated in the Humat project to the production chains?

Our project provides process improvements for a customized solution. In addition, the study and assessment of existing technologies and the implementation of a fast programming service to generate more user-friendly interfaces between the operator and the robot.

What expectations or motivations do you have regarding your participation in the first edition of the Business Factory Auto (BFA)?

Undoubtedly, with our participation in the BFA initiative we seek to expand and consolidate the know-how in our current and futuristic fields. To do this, we expect to expand our knowledge about technological trends and other areas outside of robotics, to be applied later in the automotive sector and/or others. 

"With our business project we seek to expand the business to the area of collaborative robotics"
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