“The VMS staff will go on growing as the project keeps making progress”


Interview with Pablo Campos, General Manager of VMS Automotive, participating project in the first edition of BFA. 

What specifically does your project consist of?

VMS works currently in developing a new motorbike that is completely electric with three wheels. A new vehicle, which will change the driving experience in the world of motorbike and will define a new safety level in this kind of transport. The motorbike has got two-wheel drive on the rear axle and a configuration that incorporates technological innovations, connectivity and security developments that differentiate it from other motorbikes existing in the market, becoming in the first motorbike with three wheels of high performance totally electric.

VMS has developed an innovating vehicle that stands out for providing features such as: patented damping and balancing system, driving with B car license, high load capacity, zero emissions, two electric motors, reverse or recharge in any conventional socket

What innovation brings the technology incorporated in the project to the Galician Automotive Sector?

VMS may be considerate as the first Galician producer of electric motorbike, helping in this way to reinforce and consolidate the participation of Galicia in this emerging market and with a great potential. In VMS, we consider that the Galician ecosystem of the automotive industry is the ideal and, therefore, we want to bet on Galicia for the development and success of this project.

What has the Business Factory Auto (BFA) initiative contributed to the development of the project in?

The BFA initiative has provided to us not only a workplace where we are currently working daily, but BFA has also provided to us a training imparted by experts in several areas. In addition, the initiative has helped us to give visibility to our project and it has especially facilitate a great networking with the rest of participating projects; it has even been possible to raise potential collaborations in the future with some these projects.

What future expectations does your project-company have after participating in the BFA?

During the next months, we will continue with the technical development process of the product collaborating with CTAG for having the first units of final product the next year. At the same time, we are also doing an analysis for the industrialization of the project, as well as the implementation of the internalization process. However, for the first years of activity Spain will be one of the main objective markets, without forgetting that VMS is a very ambitious project with a global projection and focused on countries like France or USA, where the degree of electric vehicle adoption is so much high.

Has your project-company already generated employment in Galicia?

Yes, it has. Although the team is still small, VMS has already hired some people, both the Engineering area and in the Marketing and Business area Over the next few weeks more people will join the team, so VMS will go on growing as the project keeps making progress.

“The VMS staff will go on growing as the project keeps making progress”
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